Travel Access Plus



Thank you for buying a travel insurance policy from FORTUNE GENERAL INSURANCE CORPORATION (the “Company”, “we”, “us”).

 This travel insurance covers the Insured (“you”, “your”) for unexpected events while you are travelling outside your usual country of residence(the Philippines), including medical emergencies, stolen or damaged baggage, and other travel inconveniences specified in this Policy, provided the required premium has been paid.

These Policy Conditions (“policy”, “contract”) have been prepared in accordance with Philippine Law and the Insurance Code (REPUBLIC ACT NO. 10607).  Along with the Policy Schedule, these Policy Conditions outline all the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions that apply to the cover you purchased.

 Please make sure you read this policy carefully to understand what your travel insurance covers. These wordings will explain the coverage of your insurance policy, what it includes and does not include and any special conditions and limits to your cover.

You should also give a copy of your policy to a family member or friend so they can contact us immediately if you are seriously ill, injured, or die, and are unable to contact us.


 Contact IBERO ASSISTENCIA (Philippines) from anywhere around the world.

 Emergency Helpline:  +63-2-459-4725

 (This is NOT a toll free number. Please call via an operator reverse charge/collect;

or reimburse upon submission of your itemized phone bill when you return to the Philippines.)

This is just the introduction of the Policy Wordings.

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