Travel Insurance packages means that your trips are safeguarded. With coverages encompassing flight delays, loss of belongings, and medical care, your agency will accommodate and assist you in withstanding the expenses.

FGen has recently relaunched its travel insurance, with updated and upgraded inclusions. Not the amount payables to FGen, these inclusions are the coverages your insurance makes available to you in case unfortunate incidents occur. Insurance on medical expenses, for example, are available at USD 20,000 for Asian countries, and USD 50,000 for Schengen (and worldwide) countries. The coverage consists of hospitalization and the necessary follow-up treatment. In cases of accidental death and disablement, a Php 1,000,000 coverage is insured for both Asian and Schengen travels. For emergency benefits and possible events of repatriation, however, the actual cost will be covered. With a maximum of USD 1,000, compassionate visits from one immediate family member is also available at USD 100/day for Asian countries, while USD 200/day for Schengen. The same range applies for the probable care of minor children.

In the circumstance that your airline is being problematic, delays and missed flights are also attended to. For flight delays that span more than 6 hours, there is a USD 250 inclusion for both Asian and Schengen trips. The same compensation is given for missed connecting flights and flight diversions. Trip cancellations and terminations have a maximum of USD 500 insurance apiece.

Your belongings are also insured suppose that you encounter theft in your tour. Loss of passport and travel documents, together with outgoing baggage delay, are guaranteed of restitution of up to USD 250, also for both Asian and Schengen countries. If you went traveling for adventure sports and recreation, a part of the medical limit are protected. Unfortunate legal trouble, on the opposite, has USD 10,000 coverage no matter where you go.

All these and more are conveniently accessible in the revamped packages of FGen’s travel insurance. To ensure that you will be able to travel secure, check the complete list of inclusions by contacting FGen through (02) 706 3959.

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