Airfare costs can easily be the most expensive add-on for travel trips. Whether for business or for leisure, the budget for your much-awaited vacation adjusts depending on how much you’ve already spent for flying. 

Money allotment for food, accommodation, and souvenirs usually get changed, with your travel experience also getting affected and altered. 

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Of course, every tourist hopes for lesser prices and better packages. From time to time, airlines roll out different sales promotions involving seat sales and discounts. But aside from waiting for these infrequent sales, how can one regularly save and book cheap flights? Below are five tested best practices to score affordable, low-cost flights, aside from waiting for seat sales and airline promotions. 

1. Be an early bird

Booking within 40 to 100 days prior your departure is the earliest and the safest time of securing economical rates. Some travelers even make sure of their seats 6 months before their respective flights. This is because planning ahead gives you freedom and leeway to view, pick, and select the cheapest, but the best flying options. 


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2. Compare airfares online

The internet offers a lot of fare checkers and cost monitors online. It is wise to surf, browse, and review all possible selections and alternatives to make sure you have a good vision of current flying fees. 

3. Don’t book during peak seasons

For obvious reasons, booking during on-seasons is a big no-no. Since peak seasons are usually the long weekends or the special holidays, remaining available seats are more vulnerable to extreme price surges. Keep in mind that these are the days other people have probably already booked months back. Be an early bird and don’t wait for the final minute. 

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4. Give chance to budget airlines

Sometimes, you don’t have to search too far. Budget airlines for local and international flights are always present and available for your convenience. Timing will be the remaining key factor in scoring your cheap seat, and keeping an eye to the airline list can help you check and book inexpensive flight dates.

5. Flexibility is key

Expect price fluctuations to be normal when purchasing airline tickets, as most of these depend on dates and schedules. Your flexibility to adjust your departure and arrival schedules is key when cost-cutting your airfare. 


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Scoring a cheap flight is the first bonus in one’s travel adventure. The next big pluses, however, depend on how you are going to savor and relish the experiences your awaiting destinations have to offer.

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