Traffic jams are common experiences in the country, especially in Metro Manila. From long lines of congestions caused by vehicular accidents to just-selfish-driving of some, the motorcycle is becoming a convenient means of breezing through the time-consuming buildups.

Whether you already have your own motorcycle or you’re only about to buy one, FGen listed a guide to motorcycle regulations that you should be aware of before you ride that two-wheeler.

Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009 (RA No. 0054)

The Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009 mandates that all motorcycle drivers and riders to: wear standard protective helmets comply with the standards of protective helmets have protective helmets with ICC marks

The ICC, or Import Commodity Clearance, markings stand as proof of the compliance by the riders to the specifications provided by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Anti-Distracted Driving Act (RA No. 10913)

Republic Act No. 10913 prohibits motorists from utilizing electronic gadgets while driving and/or at a temporary halt before traffic lights.

Covering all public and private vehicles, the Act prohibits any obstruction on both the attention and the line of sight of drivers. If this is prohibited for those driving cars, then it should all the more be prohibited for those riding motorcycles.

Remember: In motorcycles, a split-second loss of attention can spell the difference between getting to your destination on one piece or landing in a hospital emergency room, or even a far worse place.

Chapter VI, Amended Insurance Code (RA No. 10607)

Specified in  Chapter VI, Section 389 of the 2012 Amended Insurance Code of the Philippines is the mandate prohibiting the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to renew, or allow the registration of any motor vehicle without the presentation of documents evidencing the obtainment of insurance.

Chapter VI of the Code is known as the Compulsory Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance. FGen, as a leading insurance provider, makes Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance for your convenience.

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