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Gran Trak 10 is an Atari-developed racing arcade game released in 1974, marked to be the pioneer in the world of car video games. Equipped with gears to give the single player a full experience of driving a real car, the arcade has a steering wheel, pedals, and brakes.

The legacy of Gran Trak 10 has ignited an unceasing development in the video game industry, still relevant today. As technology becomes more virtually experiential, driving video games are now close to real-time simulations.

FGen gives a list of fully handpicked driving video games that are so real, enthusiasts and drivers alike wouldn’t want to miss.

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1. Gran Turismo series

Translating to mean “grand tourer” in Italian, the Gran Turismo series, often abbreviated as GT, is a driving simulator available on the PlayStation consoles featuring highly designed tracks and the availability of a numerous quantity in selection for licensed vehicles. From offline simulation to online arcade,  the evolution of the GT series is now approaching the advancement of virtual reality (VR).

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2. Need For Speed series

Also available in installments, Need For Speed, or NFS, is a street racing video game driven by quests and goals that are to be fulfilled by winning a number of races. Available in multiplayer and single player, the game has a career or tournament feature, which unlocks tracks and vehicles upon completion.

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3. Grand Theft Auto series

Although not created as a driving game, the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series feature and enable various driving possibilities from the player. Initially, the story of the game is based on a criminal trying to rise in the underworld organizations. To navigate and complete quests, taxi driving, automobile-napping, street racing, and bus/truck driving are available.

For enthusiasts, if you want to know whether these video games are safe for your children, Gran Turismo has an age rating of “E”, or “Everyone”, Need For Speed has a requirement of 13+, while Grand Theft Auto has an age need of 18+ for possible exposure to violence and/or graphic content.

For real life car owners and drivers, however, it is good to be reminded to always prioritize safety and security when it comes to being on the road. Reckless and careless driving may lead to possible liabilities and damages, and it is best to secure insurance ahead of time.

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