Commonly seen as an escape from our busy day to day routines, travelling is increasingly becoming a trend for most. From visiting specific spots in the locale to going abroad, travel escapades  and getaways are considered as satisfying breaks from the stress and the demands of life. 

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Because these much-awaited breaks are planned and invested upon, we surely don’t want to miss out anything from our hard-earned trips. Getting most of the experience and maximizing the money we spent are our first goals, which is why before going into any vacation, we read all the travel tips that we can get. 

From travel blogs to forums, almost anyone who went anywhere suggests their two cents and a few pieces of advice. FGen has heard them all - to be frank, not all of them are actually great. Some are even the worst.

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1. Don’t make plans

Because going on a getaway means going on an adventure, ditching the making of an itinerary is a common suggestion to heighten the trip excitement. Undeniably, there is a value on independence and discovery. However, not having a checklist or any pre-planned list of places to go to can hurt your wallet. Because most of what you’re going to do in your trip is unprecedented, you won’t be able to lay out and track your expenses. 

2. Don’t take photos

We know, we know. It’s all about breathing in the experience. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t capture anything on your camera, though. 


3. Don’t talk to strangers

Not talking to anyone you don’t know is logical and understandable. However, in some cases, especially in  foreign trips, locals or natives of the place are your friends. Getting around the city to ask directions, seeking help and assistance in your accommodation - how are you supposed to go through all these without interaction?

4. Don’t need the insurance

Travel insurance gives you peace of mind, and prepares you to deal with everything you don’t want to happen when they do happen. Travel Secure ensures that you are covered - from flight delays, baggage losses, and even personal accidents.

It’s always better to be safe than to be sorry. Request a quote now and contact FGen  at 02 706 39 59.