It's the middle of summer,  which means that there is still time for you to travel. Aside from all the baggy hand-carry and the heavy backpacks, women have fad additions to their luggage - kikay kits. For all the ladies out there, what exactly should your sleek travel kits have for the summer? From make-up to personal hygiene, FGen has five ideas.


Surely, you will be getting a lot of sun, and a lot of sun means bad for your skin. Having a sunblock in your mini bag can help you because it contains SPF, or Sun Protective Factor. Heed our advice, or you’ll have to deal with the sunburn.  


Don’t settle with just the sunscreen because your face will need much more than momentary lotion. Having a foundation at all times protects you from further radiation, and it also makes you ready and always on-the-go for any surprise beach parties or late island night-outs.

Lip Balm

All the sand will make your lip itchy, and its gloss fade. Carrying a lip balm in your pocket revitalizes your lips, thus preventing it from a dry skin breakout.

Hair Tie

Avoid the soaked-and-messy look! Whether you’re going to splash in a pool or in the ocean, bringing a hair tie with you screams convenience. 


Your sunglasses will always stand as your go-to fashion style, because it transforms any getup from chic to sexy. Aside from making you look super cool and trendy, sunglasses offer you an amount of protection from the glares of the sun. Who would have thought you could be both stylish and UV-protected at the same time?

Always having an available kikay kit in your handbag is handy and easy. It secures your look and promises you of an ultimate on-the-go glo-up for your getaway.

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