Saying goodbye to your home is hard, but switching abodes isn’t any easier. Doing a relocation can be daunting and quite taxing. The foreign vibe and the different feel of a new place is hard to adapt to, but it’s nothing compared to the tedious task of moving and bringing your things from one place to the next. In this article, FGen gives you five practical home moving tips to help you settle anew.


Decluttering is one of the must-dos when packing for a new home. Of course, you don’t plan to bring every little bit from your current house to the next - filter, check, and separate the ones you actually need from the ones you don’t. 

Label everything

It’s going to get messy, and if uncareful, you’re going to lose and misplace things. It is best to categorize, label or put a mark to your belongings so you don’t confuse them with garbage.

Protect the breakables

You’re going to want to take your chinawares with you. How will you keep them from breaking? Swathe them in cloth or in bubble wraps

Secure appliance cords

Tie the loose wirings. Removable cords have the tendency to be misplaced, or if non-removable, caught in unnecessary tangles. 

Contact a reliable mover

Hiring a home mover is the safest, most convenient way of bringing all your cargo from point to point. Even if you have a van spacious enough for all the boxes, having experts move your things take weight off your shoulders.

Home moving, together with having your belongings properly secured, is a tough life decision and a tough process. It is another thing, however, to have your new home rightly secured.

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