To come home and realize that your wallet’s been stolen is a shocking and disappointing event. To arrive at the parking lot and not find your vehicle, however, makes losing one's wallet a negligible incident. Losing one's car -- or experiencing car theft -- would leave you shocked, dumbfounded, and at a loss.

Nobody wants to go through that, or even through all the lengthy talk with management together with the many CCTV footages to review.  To become victim of carnapping is traumatic. Worse, your vehicle might even be used by the thief for identity blurring or for illegal selling.

What can you do to prevent it?


Being equipped with a warning alarm is the quickest way to ensure the safety of your parked vehicle. As alarms are triggered by force, carnappers will avoid approaching your vehicle. The blaring sounds will attract people nearby, and their attempt to carnap immediately renders as unsuccessful.


Even if your vehicle’s tinted, your valuables, such as laptops or cellphones, should not be left inside your parked car. Majority of carnappers check what belongings can also be stolen.


Make sure to leave your vehicle at a place where it is visible to everyone, or at least a lot of people. Increased visibility decreases the chance of carnappers forcing a break-in. Having security guards or parking personnel around is a huge help for your car’s safety.


Determined robbers and carnappers will not let anything get in their way. As a final solution, contact us and avail of our motor car insurance for your vehicle. Get professionally assured by getting insured.

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