All of us come to a point when our existential pains become too much of a burden and when we are overwhelmed with anxiety. We fail, we get disappointed and we get tired. These are all normal human emotions.

But, as Jimmy (Nonie Buencamino) said in Dagitab, “Kung pagod ka na, hindi mo naman kailangang umalis. Kailangan mo lang magpahinga.” Times which go too rough call for a retreat to a far flung area, where you can recollect yourself and reaffirm your purpose and identity.

Here, we list down seven places, featured in Filipino films, where you can go soul searching (and have a really good time, too!)


If you ever feel like you want to yell from the top of your lungs until all your problems, worries and frustrations are gone, then pack your bags and head north to mountainous and chilly Sagada. If it worked for Mace (Angelica Panganiban) in That Thing Called Tadhana, maybe it could work for you too!


What better place to go to when you feel like you’re at the edge of losing yourself than at the edge of the country? Sakaling Hindi Makarating culminates in the seas and hills of Batanes after Cielo (Alessandra de Rossi) discovers the identity of her anonymous letter sender and rediscovers herself.

Batanes wasn’t the only destination Cielo travelled to in search for healing and answers about life. Her quest for clarity led her to the colorful vintas in Zamboanga, secret spots in Siquijor, Moriones mask making in Marinduque and the peaceful beaches of Ilocos. Maybe you’d need that kind of winding trip too.


In I’m Drunk, I Love You, there were three B’s that helped resolve Carson’s (Maja Salvador) internal conflict – beaches, bagnet and beer. Fortunately, all those things are readily available in La Union, a relatively quieter place to float idly at sea while reflecting about your life.


For those of you who have lost the Dagitab (or spark) in your lives, Mount Makiling is for you. The serene—and reportedly mystical—woman-shaped mountain in Laguna was the setting for a literary workshop facilitated by Issey (Eula Valdez) and attended by her godchild Gab (Martin del Rosario). A retreat to Mount Makiling is definitely more for the old souls who would prefer to be still in silence.


Apocalypse Child offers a wildly different approach at conflict resolution. Compared to the films previously mentioned, characters resolved internal and external dilemmas with a turbulent force comparable to the waves in Baler’s seas. If you’re the kind of person who prefers intense physical activity to get yourself out of your head, then Baler’s the place for you.


Maybe the most ideal place for you to go soul searching is wherever you want your dream vacation to be. That’s certainly what happened to Gio (Enrique Gil) and Cali (Liza Soberano) in My Ex and Whys. The bustling city of Seoul and the bright orange leaves on the ground of Jeju Island were enough to heal both of their hearts.


Mount Pulag is kind of like Sagada, but higher – way higher, standing at 9,600 feet above sea level. If there’s any place where you can literally and figuratively get away from the problems that plague you, it is here, on the highest point in Luzon. If ever you decide to take the hike up to the summit where you will be greeted by the tops of white fluffy clouds, take that time to discover your true self and reconnect with your roots, like Andy (Ruru Madrid) did in Above the Clouds.

Wherever you decide to search for yourself, just remember to never start your journey without being safe, secured and prepared. If you fail to do these things, you may just be setting yourself up for more trouble than what you already have on your plate – and we don’t want that.

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