Dashboard cameras, or dashcams, are becoming increasingly popular these days due to the numerous benefits of having installed in a car. It gets to record everything as you drive or even as your car is parked – all initiated by a push of a button.

The main point of having a dashcam is being able to capture crimes, accidents, cases of dangerous driving, and even paranormal and meteorological sightings all on video. These videos can also be your ticket to viral fame, especially if the captured video shows a particularly rare and remarkable sighting like the Chelyabinsk meteor in Russia.

More importantly, however, these videos are especially useful in dispute settlements and court litigations. A dashcam, when it does capture more than the roads you drive on, would provide crucial evidence which can make or break a case in court.

Here, we list some of the many uses of a dashcam, which should make you consider getting one as soon as possible:

1. Recording crime

If you drive around Metro Manila, chances are you have been a witness to a crime. But with only your testimony as evidence, you would barely be able to contribute to the resolution of the case. If you have a dashcam, you would also be able to submit to authorities videographic evidence of the crime as it was being committed.

2. Capturing bad cops

There’s no denying that there are policemen who go against their solemnly sworn duty to serve and protect the people and resort to intimidation of drivers in exchange for a quick buck. Luckily, with a dashcam onboard, these incidents can be recorded and reported accordingly.

3. Catching errant drivers

There are plenty of bad drivers on the road and they can pose great hazards to the general public. With a dashcam, you can capture their terrible behaviors and subsequently report them to authorities.

4. Road accident evidence

There would be no need for pointing fingers when an accident occurs on the road if you have a dashcam. The evidence provided by the dashcam would be useful in determining the real culprit, without having to resort to endless arguments about who made the right turn.

5. Protection against vandals and robbers

A dashcam would still protect you even when you’re not on the road. These tiny gadgets can record video while you are parked and can take footage of vandals and robbers who may try to do you wrong.

6. Preventing fraud

When people say to risk life and limb, most of them do not mean it literally. But other individuals may actually do just that to get money. There are a number of cases globally where people sprint and jump in front of cars and then pretend to get hit, with the intent of extorting drivers or defrauding insurance companies. With dashcam footage as evidence, you would not fall victim to these schemes.

7. Documenting travels

Dashcams don’t just record mishaps on the road. You can also use it to document your next road trip as well! With a little knowhow on video editing and a sprinkle of creativity, you can easily craft a travel video worth sharing on social media.

8. Insurance discount

FGen Insurance encourages the use of dashcams because of their many benefits. In fact, if you haven’t insured your car yet and you have a dashcam installed, you can get a discount from an insurance plan. Get a quote now!