Over 9,000 carnapping cases were recorded by the Philippine National Police (PNP) in 2016. This is a continued decrease in the number of reported carnapping cases from 2014 and 2015, when the PNP recorded around 13,000 and 12,000 carnapping incidents, respectively.     

But, the police’s crime clearance and crime solution efficiency has decreased as well. According to PNP reports, crime clearance efficiency dropped from 63.92% in 2015 to 44.74% in 2016, while crime solution efficiency sank from 51.36% to 32.71%.     

Like in all problems, the best solution is prevention. But how do you keep your car from being carnapped, especially in Metro Manila where 80% of car thefts occur? Luckily, the PNP shared 12 tips to keep your car safe from carnapping.

1.    Lock car doors and windows.

Your first line of defense are your car doors and windows. Always remember to lock them when you park or even as you travel. You do not want to give thieves easy access to your car.

2.    Park in safe and secure places.

Indoor parking spaces with security guards and CCTVs are ideal. Open parking spaces which are well lit and are frequented by people is fine as well as these can deter carnappers.

3.    Avoid leaving valuables in the car.

You do not want thieves to break your car’s window to get your laptop, phone and cash. If it is unavoidable, hide them in a spot where they are not visible.

4.    Avoid waiting inside the car while parked.

If it is unavoidable, keep your car doors and windows locked and avoid opening them for strangers.

5.    Avoid stopping at isolated places.

Places which are not easily accessible and have minimal foot traffic are the perfect spots to commit a crime as there are less witnesses present.

6.    Avoid stopping for strangers.

There have been some cases where people would pretend to be hit by a car, only to hijack it once the car’s owner alights to assist the “victim.” In any case, you should wait for the proper authorities to arrive before doing anything.

7.    Install security devices.

Add an extra layer of protection by adding security features such as car alarms and dashboard cameras.

8.    Keep police phone numbers.

Add the police hotline and other emergency hotlines to speed dial, so that authorities are just a touch away from responding.

9.    Have the PNP Highway Patrol Group check your secondhand car.

The secondhand car that you bought from some online dealer may have been carnapped, so it’s best to check with the authorities.

10.    Take a few turns if you suspect that you are being tailed.

If you feel that another car is tailing you, take a few turns to a different route, ideally one with police checkpoints or police stations. Check to see if you are still being tailed and inform authorities.

11.    Stay in the car if it breaks down in an unsafe place.

In the unfortunate event that you have a car problem in the middle of nowhere, stay in the car, keep your doors locked and get help through your phone.

12.    Have your keys in hand when walking to your car.     

Have your keys ready so there will be no delays in opening your car doors.

These tips should keep you safe from carnapping, but you could take prevention a step further by availing an insurance for your car. An insurance allows you to live life without worrying about having to shell out extra cash for car repairs or a brand new car, if your car does get stolen.

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