The rainy season is officially here. The question is: Is your car ready?

We at FGen Insurance are ready to assist you if and when you figure in an unforeseen accident due to inclement weather. But why wait for such accident to happen when you can prevent or avoid it in the first place?

Here are three things you can do now to minimize your risks this rainy season:

1. SLOW DOWN -- If you are prone to driving fast, then the rains should signal you to go easy on the throttle. Roads are slippery when wet, and your best defense against hitting a vehicle (or a person) in front of you is go slow. 

2. HAVE YOUR CAR CHECKED -- This is the perfect time to have that periodic maintenance. Make sure your brakes are in tip-top shape. And make sure you will have no electrical problems that can lead to your car stalling in the rain. 

And 3. PLAN YOUR TRIPS -- There are areas in Metro Manila that get easily flooded, so be sure to avoid them when rains start pouring. The first step to avoiding wading through flood is to avoid flood-prone areas. 

As a final reminder, make sure your car is protected against so-called Acts of Nature (AON) by having an FGen Insurance. Remember: The minimum car insurance does not yet include an AON cover. If you're unsure as to perils your car insurance covers, contact us today.