It’s the weekend before New Year's Day and you may have plans to spend it elsewhere. Make sure your home is safe from burglars.

Opportunists as they are, burglars will take every advantage of your unsecured home. Several months ago, a family away for a holiday vacation helplessly watched a burglar break in their home on their phone’s CCTV.  

Don't commit the same mistake. We’ve put together a list of 5 must-dos to keep you secure.

1. Tighten your locks

Suppose that you are  going on a holiday trip. It is, of course, imperative that you double-check your bolts and latches. A house seemingly unlocked is the first target of evil minds.

2. Avoid social media

Maybe your greatest misfortune yet is an inside-job. Avoid posting your vacation trip on social media. This basically announces that your property is unmanned, and is therefore, sadly up and open for grabs.

3. Leave the lights

Burglars attack when there are signs of inactivity. Simply leaving your lights on, or on timer, will surely make them think twice of breaking in.

4. Entrust your home to a family member

Is everyone in your family actually going away for a trip? If not, then at least request for a relative to visit and check your home from time to time. Collected mail and clean garbage bins suggest that the house is not left untouched, and this decreases the likelihood of burglary.

5. Invest in property insurance

Your standard fire insurance does not protect you from burglary, so the next time you renew your policy, make sure you ask your agent how to get your home more secured. Here at FGen Insurance, we have products that cover break-ins, which can help and aid you recuperate in the event of theft. This may include financial compensation toward property loss, or property damage.

Live the most out of your holiday vacation and worry not for the security of your homes. Get a quote now and contact FGen through (02) 706-3959 for further details on property insurance.