Christmastime is the perfect season to bring out the best decorations. From mistletoes to Christmas lights, these adornments provide color and energy for the festive celebrations.

As tradition dictates, these decor are put up inside houses and gardens, lighting places up when night time comes.

However, most of these decor need power, and power basically translates to electricity. Electrical connections pose a potential hazard in flaring dangerous sparks and igniting household fires.

To ensure a safe and unbothered holiday season, here are four tips to help you prevent a fiery Christmas.

1) Assemble your cords

Well-covered and well-protected cords lessen the probability of having flying sparks across your living room’s Christmas lights. Make sure that these are tight and secure - do not use octopus connections.

2) Do not light the candle

It’s pretty understandable that you have candles as decorations because these are symbols of the season. However, it is unwise to actually light one, especially when under your Christmas trees. If lit, make sure to put it out before going to bed, because you might wake up from scorching heat a.k.a. house fire.

3) Put away stove decorations

It’s lovely to have a house uniformly decorated with fancy lights and/or Christmas wreaths, but we highly suggest that you avoid the kitchen, more specifically, the stove. This is the most dangerous possibility, as the stove is an immediate source of fire.

4) Remember insurance

Sometimes, though, no matter how hard you try to ensure safety, the unpredictable still happens. It is best to think ahead and plan for the unexpected by getting insurance for your house. Inclusively covered are possible compensations for property damage and loss.

Contact FGen Insurance through (02) 706-3959 and be assured by getting a property insurance for your house, just in time for the holidays.

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