7 Essentials for your Home Emergency Kit

7 Essentials for your Home Emergency Kit

Being prone and vulnerable to natural calamities and disasters, the risk-preparedness of the Philippines as a nation is wholly reinforced by Republic Act 10121, or the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Act of 2010. 

As a result, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) has launched Project DINA in 2013. Standing for Disaster Information for Nationwide Awareness, the operations of the project involve coordinating with the public and their respective local government units towards being aware and informed of the necessary steps to be taken should different calamities and natural disasters arise. 

Distributing preparatory requirements and educational advice regarding what to do before, during, and after hazards (i.e. tsunamis, earthquakes, fire, landslides, flash floods, and eruptions) is the primary goal of the nationwide mission. 

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However, it remains to be a fact that when the unforeseen happens, the government and its respective councils can only provide ample aid and help post-disaster. Survival primarily lies on one’s preparation and actions. Not wholly expensive and available anywhere, below is an initial checklist of an emergency kit every person in your home must have should calamities occur.

1. Water

Clean and safe drinking water may not be available by the time emergencies arise. Create and store an emergency supply that can last up to a minimum of 3 days. If possible, however, make sure that your storage can last for a week. Staying hydrated in times of disaster and distress is of utmost importance for one’s survival. 


2. Food

Dry biscuits and canned food should be prepared in one’s emergency bag. Staples inside safe containers should include energy bars and easy-to-eat meats. Make sure that your food preserve does not contain food that can make you thirsty. 

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3. First aid necessities

We can never know which disaster will strike, and how we will be affected by it. Therefore, it is wise to have a convenient first aid kit in store. Band-aids, cleaning utensils, bandages, and medicine should be mandatory stock. 

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4. Extra clothing

Storing extra clothing might make your survival pack heavy. Only include the essentials - undergarments and lightweight clothes such as sandos and shorts as these extras are only meant to ensure your hygiene after the calamity. 

5. Emergency whistle

In cases of getting trapped or needing assistance, keeping an emergency whistle is an assured method of getting ways to receive help. This can help patrol units locate your position faster and easier.

6. Flashlight

There will be, surely, power outage for days. Make sure to have an emergency flashlight for nightfall. Store batteries together with it. Having extra candles can also be helpful as source of light. 


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Pocket radio

Since electricity can be anticipated to be down and out for a few days, having pocket transistors or small radios can help you stay updated and informed with current situations. These can also be medium for government announcements you shouldn’t miss, such as relocation sites, or food supply disseminations. 

No one can fully be ready when the worst disaster strikes, but one can be prepared. Because preparation is a sign and an indication of vigilance and watchful anticipation, being rightfully equipped leads to being well-covered. 

Conditions are and will be the same for your treasured belongings and properties. Place them in the hands of an insurer you can trust, and you need not worry about not getting coverage and protection. Connect and discuss FGen’s property insurance packages via fgeninsurance.com, or get assistance immediately by calling (02) 706 39 59. 

5 Ways to Prevent a House Fire

5 Ways to Prevent a House Fire

According to the January to March 2018 fire statistics of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), 1,053 fire incidents have already been tallied in areas located in Metro Manila. Although 7.60% lower from the similar 2017 incident-timeline of 1,140, having more than a thousand incidents with damaging costs over 2 million pesos remain to be regrettable and alarming. 


  IMAGE Recent local fire alerts in Metro Manila tallied on August 29, 2018  

 IMAGE Recent local fire alerts in Metro Manila tallied on August 29, 2018

Whether with ashened properties or burned injuries, the mere occurrence of these accidents could have prevented with the proper knowledge and awareness of what causes fire.

For basic familiarity in order to equip oneself for immediate response in times of fire emergencies, here are 5 know-hows on the nature of fire and what can prevent it:

1. Neglected wirings

Having exposed wirings and carelessly leaving appliances open when not in use are the common roots of a fiery danger. From time to time, make sure to check and inspect broken cords or faulty outlets for breaks or corrosions.

2. Indoor smoking

Because smoking in public places are now regulated and prohibited, you might settle and take delight in taking your cigarette breaks at the comfort of your home. However, when left unattended or improperly disposed, your small cigarette can cause a big fire. Always have ashtrays for your cigarette butts to ensure that all are taken out completely. Or better yet, also for the benefit of your health, quit smoking altogether. 


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3. Unmanned cooking

Forgotten kitchen duties are also leading causes of house fires. Leaking gas pumps, or overlooked cooking can pose grave danger when not attended to immediately.

4. Unkempt storage of flammable liquids

Your home can severely burst ablaze when there are cluttered equipments and liquids inside the living space. When left unorganized, these liquids, may they be gasoline, aerosol cans, lighter fluids, or simply rubbing alcohol, can ignite flames.

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5. Lit candles

A popular mosquito repellant, candles are usually left unattended overnight. As an evident hazard, untended candles become leading causes of midnight fires, flaring up while residents are asleep. It’s best to put out candles before sleeping, or making sure that all are cautiously and attentively watched.

In cases of unfortunate fire accidents, make sure your homes are guaranteed and accounted for. Getting coverage from an insurer you can trust is a way of protection and safekeeping for your properties. For your property insurance, check your coverage and get in touch with FGen at (02) 706 39 59. 

4 Crucial Things You Forget As You Build Your Career

4 Crucial Things You Forget As You Build Your Career

You remember the day you got your first paycheck. You considered it as a milestone, because it was fulfilling and you can’t help but feel satisfied. Timecheck. Exactly how long has it been?

Gaining experiences and embarking on the career that you wish to pursue is one thing, but ticking of the goals off your life-list is another.

Whether it’s been a year or a decade, FGen Insurance has prepared a list of significant (and crucial!) things that you should have accomplished since you started working -- a bucket of reminders you must remember to periodically check to see whether you’re on the right track in life.

1. Giving time for the family

Have you finally allotted time for your loved ones? You might not have been aware, but you have probably taken their presence for granted during your busy days. Are your overtime hours worth it? Take a step back and make sure to cherish and revitalize your relationships, especially with your family.

2. Having a career you love

It’s been years since you graduated and started your career. Is your present job making you happy? Have you already built the small business you’ve always wanted to have as a kid? If not, today is the best time to start getting there.

3. Owning your dream property

Considered as a major life accomplishment, having a property of your own signifies your independence and stability. If you haven’t gotten your own yet, are you already in the process of attaining it?

Getting secure with insurance

You can only do so much when it comes to protecting your hard-earned possessions. Investing in insurance is one way of ensuring that your new property, or that small biz, is there to stay for the rest of your life.

FGen Insurance is committed in securing you, your family, and your future. Safeguarding your properties, your businesses, and even your vehicles, FGen is only a call away at 02 706 3959 for details on property, business, and/or motor car insurance.