Motor vehicles insured with Fortune General Insurance (FGen Insurance) can now enjoy emergency roadside assistance as FGen partners with Ibero Asistencia. 

Vehicle owners with valid comprehensive motor car insurance from FGen can call Ibero Asistencia's hotline should their vehicle break down and require towing services.

FGen President Michael F. Rellosa said this service is FGen's way of making sure its clients would have complete peace of mind whenever they are on the road. 

"We recognize Ibero's expertise in emergency roadside assistance, and we know our clients are in good hands with them on our side," he said.

To avail of the 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, just call (02) 459-4793 and provide the following details:

  • Name of owner of vehicle
  • Vehicle's plate number
  • Contact number of owner of vehicle
  • Location of vehicle
  • Nature of the assistance required

If the vehicle would not start and would require towing, Ibero Asistencia would tow it to the nearest accredited repair facility.

In the event of an accident and the vehicle was totally wrecked, Ibero Asistencia will arrange to have the vehicle removed with the use of a crane and brought to the nearest accredited facility. 

FGen clients may also call the Ibero Asistencia hotline in cases where the vehicle runs out of fuel, its battery needs boosting, the key gets locked inside, or a tire needs replacing. 

In out-of-town emergencies, Ibero Asistencia would even arrange for the transfer of the vehicle's occupants to the place of destination or stay at a hotel, whichever is more feasible.

Ibero Asistencia General Manager Antonio S. Toledano said they are proud to partner with FGen Insurance. "We are ready to serve FGen's client base and it is an honor for us to partner with an acknowledged authority in motor car insurance," he said.