It’s 10 days before Christmas! We Filipinos are known to celebrate this special day as soon as the "ber" months set in. And now that we're approaching the final stretch, we listed here six ways we traditionally welcome the birth of Jesus:

1)    Simbang Gabi

This would officially start on Friday, December 15, as an evening celebration of the Holy Mass and would go on for nine days. Some would prefer the pre-dawn version which usually begins at 4 A.M. We Filipinos have a strong belief that if we complete the nine Masses, our prayers will be granted.  

2)    Lights Show

Lights are already a major part of the holiday decorations in our country. Different malls and shopping centers in the country are yearly flocked because of their dancing lights show, where the adornments go a little extra because of catchy music. Be sure to visit the Magic Field of Lights in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, or if you are are short of time (and budget), you could content yourself with the Ayala Triangle Festival of Lights.

3)    Shopping Sales

Inevitable in the yuletide experience is the long lines of traffic because of mall sales. Boutiques and bazaars are frequented by shoppers, hoping to find great holiday finds.

4)    Christmas Carols

What's Christmas without Christmas carols? The Filipino celebration comes with the traditional "carolling" of young children serenading houses and in exchange for some coins. It's like a trick-or-treat thing for us, minus of course the scary costumes. It's a practice that's truly unique to the Philippines.

5)    Noche Buena

Literally meaning "the good night," this is the Filipinos' way of welcoming Jesus by having a feast in their homes. Many can’t wait for twelve midnight as the ham on the table looks irresistibly delicious!  

6)    Going out of town

Not enthusiasts of the aforementioned, many Filipinos families opt to travel and take out-of-town trips for the holidays. Leaving their homes, they decide to get through the celebrations by checking in to fancy hotel rooms.

However, this season of giving and merry-making arouses greed in some of our unscrupulous countrymen.So if you're planning to leave home this Christmas, be sure all your belongings are intact and your doors and windows securely locked.

Call FGen at (02) 706 3959 and know about homecare insurance. We'll make sure you will all have an enjoyable and worry-free, Pinoy-style holiday!