Following motoring journalist and CNN Philippines host James Deakin’s appeal to the insurance industry to incentivize dashcam use, Fortune General (FGen) Insurance has recently increased to 10% the discount on motor car insurance for car owners with dashcams.

“FGen was among the firsts to offer a discount for motorists with dashcams, but we need to do more for the benefit of our customers,” said FGen President Michael Rellosa.

Deakin raised his appeal last Oct. 11 during the 2017 PIRA Non-Life Industry Forum at Blue Leaf Filipinas in Parañaque City.

He said that dashcams will be better aids in claims processing compared to police sketches and reports.

“There’s so much room for extortion with police sketches and police reports, there’s so much room for inefficiency,” he said.

Over 200 officials from the non-life insurance industry heeded his call and resolved to simplify claims documentation by allowing the use of dashcam videos and onsite pictures sent to the insurers digitally.

FGen has gotten a headstart in the promoting technology, as it has been offering a dashcam discount since early this year.

“We are continuing to lead the insurance industry in the promotion of technology which benefits customers and insurers,” Rellosa said.

To avail of the discount, please contact FGen through (02) 706 3959.

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